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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Good-Bad & Ugly

Seems like every project has a lot of good bad and ugly.  Painting a room can really be ugly.

Pulling all the furniture into the center of the room and hubby taking down the wood blinds and all the hardware. 

Not only do I have a gazillion nail holes to fill, but how do the walls get so dusty?

 Ahhhhh - Gorgeous.  Beautiful new paint and a fabulous color.  This is Reliable White by Sherwin Williams.  It is a stunning warm white.   Cutting around all the windows and ceiling takes forever.  This room has such a small wall space, just tons of windows.

 After 5 hours of painting, I am so glad I had this fabulous roast in the crock pot.  I am beginning to set up like cement, so no way was I going to cook.

I think I'm in for a really long soak in the tub with a glass of wine, then off to bed.  Tomorrow we'll start to put this back together.  We're hosting Super Bowl Sunday, so I need this place to come together quickly.

What projects are you working on.

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  1. What a great color of white! Good idea to have the dinner cooking in the slow cooker. I bet the house smelled wonderful while you were painting!

  2. Love the new color Marty...can't wait for the reveal!

  3. Marty, I can certainly relate to the good, bad, and ugly part of decorating. But your room looks fabulous before and after. Still, I love your new paint color. I've never seen a photo of SW Reliable White, and now that I have, I'm hooked. Your slow cooked meal looks delicious, too. Have fun on Game Day.

  4. Great blog! I'm a fan, Marty, keep it up :)

  5. WOW a Super bowl Party Sunday, you are a real trooper. I like the color of the paint looks really good. Can hardly wait to see the changes you make to your pretty living room. Have fun at the party.

  6. OMG! That's what happens to me exactly, just like cement! :)

  7. what a fantastic color. I am going to write this down when I get the hitch to repaint the living area.

  8. Your room is looking awesome!! Soak in some Epson Salts, that will make your joints less painful.

  9. I am looking forward to your reveal! And I joined the recommended newsletter! Thank you.

  10. Wonderful color...! Your home decor is in well condition, Marty, Keep Doing Well..

  11. love the new lighter brigher wall color. enjoy the Super bowl.

  12. Preaching to the choir here, Marty! : ) Isn't it crazy how painting one room affects other rooms what with moving the furniture and stuff out and around. My living room looked like a disaster area from our bedroom painting project. Thankfully, it's all back to normal now.

  13. Love the new color Marty. If is warm and bright. It is going to look "super" for the Super Bowl Party tomorrow! Have fun.

  14. Hi Marty! I know this is a lot of work but it's going to be so pretty! I love new the color and how you were to put something good in the crockpot so you didn't have to cook!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. Wow girl, you are fast! I have some painting to do too, and I am dreading it!

  16. I hope the bath did wonder on your sore muscles!

  17. Ohh, that looks like a lot of work. A roast in the crock pot was a great idea.

    I'm cleaning today. :)

  18. Yikes, five hours of painting! It is a lovely shade of white! Can't wait to see it all back together. I'm getting ready to paint our bedroom and spiffy up that space. I need to remember to put something in the crockpot ahead of time. Great idea!

  19. Looks great Marty! You are ambitious getting all that done before your Superbowl party! Just me and my hubby will be hanging out for the Super Bowl!

  20. Love that fresh new look - apparently we are both on the same wave length with new paint posts, Marty! Thanks for popping by and for your sweet comments.

    I love SW paint - we always use it. Wondering what finish you chose?

    Have fun tomorrow for Super Bowl. I only watch Ohio State Buckeye college football, that's all - so never saw a Super Bowl game. I DO go to You Tube after and watch the commercials though, haha, silly but favorites and always so clever.


  21. Great color Marty! Can't wait to see it all back together. I`m planning to paint my bathroom soon, hope to survive that!

  22. I know what you mean about cutting around windows. we actually are crock potting this weekend too. i love it when you don't have to fuss about the meal all day.

  23. I got such a giggle at your setting up like cement comment. I can certainly relate. Your pot roast looks soo good and weren't your smart to start it before painting. I'd probably have thrown a frozen pizza in the oven.
    Hope you have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

  24. The Pain Job is spectacular - it makes everything seem spacier. I love this colour for indoor walls.

    Our house plans would definitely benefit this design motif for a cooler and spacier effect. :) Thanks.

  25. I love the new wall color. The space looks so bright and seems bigger. I am sure your living room will turn out stunning.

  26. Marty,
    Your color choice within your living room is stunning, dear friend!!!
    I LOVE Sherwin~Williams Paint!!!
    "Mr. Ed" and I just finished a h u g e renewal of our Entry Hall. . .2015's Project #1!
    Rest. . .tomorrow will be sufficient for putting things back in order!

  27. OMG! What a beautiful article. Thank you for this.